The 32 Days & Ways of SNIPPETS...

A future is too close & too valuable to chance!

Press Release...

New book ask young adults ... Is the future far away or just around the corner?

Engaging, entertaining and empowering journal/planner for young adults to help them get ready for a great future..., 11/25/2016 - The Snippets Network is pleased to announce the release of The 32 Days and Ways of Snippets… for the Young @ Heart (T32DWS…).


"This book has been a labor of love and my goal now is to get it into the hands of as many youth as possible. We want to pay it forward and work with sponsors so T32DWS... will be a FREE publication to churches, schools, Y’s, corporations, etc. any organization that caters to youth" say author, TR Johnson Ford.


T32DWS... help young adults realize the purpose of Today creates the reality of TOMORROW! The messages teach dreaming big, planning and execution is empowering, stimulating and fun.


T32DWS... is a tool young-hearts will use every day to go out and reach for their great future because the future is too close and too valuable to chance.


 "Congratulations on your publication of "The 32 Days & Ways of Snippets...for the Young @ Heart!  You did a marvelous job."

 Dr. Virgie Binford


First of all thanks so much for allowing me to read your passion for teens.  Snippets has love written ALL over it. I really appreciate that. It takes courage to share. I've read the entire sample so let's cut to the chase shall we . . .

First and foremost, I loooooooove the word "Snippetivities."

Also, when I think about each one of your messages, I get a picture of individual trees.Trees provide wonderful services to us all in so many ways. Once fully grown, trees provide shade when the weather (i.e. the world) is possibly too harsh or unpredictable. Trees bear fruit and when properly cared for, the fruit is delightful and nourishing.

Trees are wonderfully stable creations great for visiting and in its prime, lovely to look at from afar or imagine in one's mind. Properly cared for trees are great for leaning and sturdy enough to climb either for safety or to provide a high enough altitude in order to survey the rest of the world below in order to possibly get a different perspective.

This is the way I see each one of your messages. Truly aspiring!  

M. Watson

Note:  This is a condensed version of Ms. Watson's kind, encouraging and splendid view of T32DWS...