The 32 Days & Ways of SNIPPETS...

A future is too close & too valuable to chance!

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Today's Message

Today is what we have to work with.  Each Today signifies a new beginning to do, to plan and to act.  When we work in the Today we can accomplish great things.  Collectively our TODAY's grows into the TOMORROW we deserve and desire.Today is the way to fund tomorrow because every day is a new day to better the day before! 

Key word

Because words have power, the key words are based on the synergy of eight action-driven snippets.  The key words are thoughts, ideas and habits generating motivational movement each day. 


Snippetivities are intentional efforts and action moving forward using the life enhancing cycles of The 8 Snippets to "make things happen".



   If i think i can,YES, I Will!

The key ingredient in accomplishing anything is the power of belief in self. 

"I Will" is a personal and powerful declaration. 

"I Will", two simple, yet potent words when combined with the purpose and power of Today  to step boldly toward a future imagined.


What is the 32nd Day?

Does your calendar show 32 days?  It depends on the calendar you refer to - why not create and work from your internal calendar.  Mentally give yourself that extra time - the 32nd day first - to believe and second - to achieve.

It all starts with belief.  To believe is magical and it works...

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